Created in 1998, CODiLOG is a major player today recognized in the integration and maintenance market for SAP software; with an average annual growth of 15%.



CODiLOG’s originality is built around the following qualities:

Its identity : a human-scale, agile, responsive and cost-attractive entity in a major group, NEURONES, a guarantee of continuity and a means of industrialization for CODiLOG’s offers,

Its expertise and its ability to often find innovative solutions, like its original DataConversion® tools,

Its  “RUN” positioning in the post-implementation phase with, in particular, Proxima®, its SAP support and TPAM offer from its Shared Service Center, equipped with powerful and innovative tools, and

Its values : surpassing oneself, solidarity and respect for people and their diversity, which are powerful growth engines.


Key figures

CODILOG generated revenues of €17 million in 2013 and intends to continue its profitable growth over the long-term.

Key figures Codilog