Combining clients

Your stakes / issues

  • Decrease your administration and operating costs while optimizing your infrastructure
  • Rationalize your infrastructure before upgrading a version in order to reduce the costs
  • Eliminate data exchanges between SAP systems
  • Ability to use highly integrated logistic scenarios only if all of your sites are in the same client
  • Have a consolidated view of the data in your IS


Throughout your combining process we will help you to:

  • define a pertinent combining strategy that respects your stakes
  • choose the right combining receiver system
  • implement the most appropriate recoding rules
  • plan the combining optimally
  • identify conflicts in the databases and how to correct them

CODiLOG will also help you automate all processes and provide you its know-how in terms of processes to combine data and the related best practices.

Principle of combining clients




  • Scanners are used to precisely identify the combining scope
  • All types of conflicts are detected (configuration and data)
  • A tool is used to simultaneously compare the data of several clients
  • A powerful recoding tool
  • Inter-client configurations are combined
  • Client dependent configurations are combined
  • Data is combined
  • A tool developed solely in SAP using ABAP is used to process very large data volumes while optimizing the available system resources

6-Step process for a combination (configuration or data):

Focus on step 6: Combination


Examples of tools