Corporate Social Responsability and sustainable development

Non-discrimination and protection of the environment are two major principles we promote and respect.


Concrete measures on a daily basis

Encourage diversity in recruitment and assess an applicant based solely on his skills

Communicate with Personnel Representatives on the implementation of non-discrimination policy,

Encourage the use of public transport in order to reduce our ecological footprint

Think of the environment: “only print this email if you really need to” appears in the signature of all CODiLOG emails

Recycle consumables (paper, toners, printers, etc.) and choose eco-citizen certified suppliers


CODiLOG is a signatory company of the diversity charter

Launched at the end of 2004 by Claude Bébéar and Yazid Sabeg, the Diversity charter is a series of undertakings, which any company can sign, irrespective of its size, that condemn discrimination in hiring and the workplace and resolve to promote diversity.

The Charter expresses companies’ intent to take action to improve the degree to which their workforce reflects the diversity of French society. Built around six articles, the Charter guides the company through the process of instituting new practices by involving all of its employees and partners in the process. It encourages them to implement a human resources policy centered on the recognition and development of individuals’ personal skills.

This allows the company to favor cohesion and social equity while improving its performance. The main employer organizations, many corporate networks and public organizations support the Charter.