Your stakes / issues

Adapt SAP to your company’s reorganizations
  • Modify your organizational structure in SAP (company, division, purchasing organization, etc.) after a merger / divestment of activities, new management in Business Units, etc.
  • Change one or more processes
  • Bring your SAP system into compliance with new regulatory standards (IFRS, SEPA, etc.)
  • Harmonize / reorganize your databases (recoding)
  • Correct the penalizing effects of a bug

More generally, perform a transformation, in principle impossible in SAP:
  • with the least possible impact on users
  • while keeping a maximum of transactional information (document No., creation/modification date and user, document flows, etc.)
  • with complete traceability

While taking into account the following issues:

  • Benefit from the perfect continuity of “work in-process” in the new organization
  • Maintain traceability (original documents and unchanged flows)
  • Maintain coherence at all times in the new configuration (history migration)
  • Complete the project within short timeframes and at lower cost


DataConversion® can retroactively manage/adapt your organization, process or structure changes in SAP with a minimum of operational impacts.

It is a unique tool suite and methodology developed entirely by CODiLOG, which can be used to transform the data in SAP in total security.

As opposed to canceling/recreating (the solution that will be proposed to you by a “traditional” consulting firm), DataConversion® doesn’t try to produce new flows but rather to transform the existing flows so they adapt to your new organization.

Throughout the definition and qualification process for your transformation, we work with you to:

  • define a pertinent transformation strategy that respects your stakes
  • ask your users to concentrate on the functional expression of your transformation so we can determine their consequences in SAP (to everyone his expertise)
  • automate all processes



  • Scanners are used to systematically do a prior analysis
  • A precise and well-established methodology is used to guarantee the integrity of the data in SAP
  • Your transformation is described using a configurable tool
  • All transformation steps are carried out in a dedicated cockpit
  • A tool developed solely in SAP using ABAP is used to process very large transformation volumes, in a closed system or open system

The advantages of our solution

  • DataConversion offers many advantages:
    • functional: complete continuity of flows (historical and in-process)
    • technical: no additional volume, complete traceability
    • economical: an optimal cost/lead-time ratio
  • Ability to customize to treat the most complex aspects of your transformations
  • Possibility to simultaneously modify several interdependent organizational structures
  • If you wish, your IT teams can use DataConversion in recurrent mode
  • 1 to 4 complete simulations depending on the complexity of the transformation
  • Your transformation can be certified by PriceWaterHouseCoopers
  • 6-month warranty