HR values and the company culture

With a strong identity as a human-scale company within a major group (Neurones), CODiLOG places emphasis on protecting and promoting its values, which guide its employees on a daily basis.

  • search for excellence, the guarantee of our service quality vis-à-vis our customers
  • integrity, in teamwork and in company life
  • solidarity, because our success is based on collective challenges
  • respect for people and their diversity, because everyone is unique and an active participant in the company’s development and success

Consequently, right from the recruitment phase, we seek in our employees:

  • commitment throughout their career, a factor of success on their assignments
  • excellence because “at CODiLOG, the goal isn’t to find a solution but to find THE solution for the customer”

The high rate of cooptation observed over the past few years promotes the sharing of these values.