PROXIMA®: SAP outsourcing

Your stakes / issues

  • Provide your users with quality assistance
  • Measure the “RUN” activity and related costs
  • Relieve your teams of recurrent tasks so they can concentrate on projects
  • Provide continuity of service
  • Adapt to changing workloads
  • Benefit from a shared Service Center to reduce your SAP maintenance costs
  • Ensure your application is viable over the long-term and guarantee its upgradability


An outsourcing expert in SAP solutions (ERP and BI), CODiLOG offers PROXIMA®, a fully modulable solution comprised of the following bricks:


We set up SAP application help-desks that are easy to access with a unique number to:

  • Provide assistance on using SAP
  • Answer users’ questions
  • Provide information on transactions and tickets’ stage of completion
  • Manage profiles and users


We provide the following services as part of a guaranteed performance service contract:

  • Corrective TPAM: correct application bugs or propose work-around solutions
  • Dynamic TPAM: implement new functionalities
  • Preventive TPAM: make the application more robust and optimize it


Our administration and operating activities include providing:

  • Day-to-day administration of SAP and non-SAP instances: administration of SAP environments, management of SAP transports, installations, accreditations and authorizations, upgrades and reorganizations of tables and bases.
  • Support for project teams and performance management: start up production environments, tune SAP or non-SAP environments, process editor reports and L3 production support.
  • Technical-functional supervision of applications to detect events that impact Production as soon as possible.
  • Management and resolution of production incidents (analysis, processing, implementation of work-around solutions and restoring service as soon as possible).
  • Development of tooling and industrialization for all recurrent tasks

Other specific service bricks can also be added:

  • hird-Party Applications Acceptance Testing (TPAAT): we perform in particular the non-regression tests at each version delivery
  • Third-Party Training Maintenance (TPTM): we update documentation and maintain the user training level

STRUCTURES & organization

Our SAP Service Centers:
  • 1 SAP-certified center based in Nanterre: 450 m2 office zone divided into 2 Skills Centers:
    • SAP ECC Finance and Logistics
    • BC Administration
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • ABAP Developments
  • 1 Center in Angers: site opened in January 2014
    • Specialized ABAP Factory (ABAP development plant)
  • Multidisciplinary teams comprised of experienced technical-functional SAP consultants
  • Multi-domain coverage : Finance (accounting and finance management), Logistics (purchasing, production, Sales admin, etc.), Human resources (payroll management, time management, etc.) and Project management



CODiLOG is certified PCoE, Partner Center of Expertise by SAP, following an audit performed by SAP AG. This recognition attests that our consultants’ organization and skills and our Service Center’s tools provide customers high-quality maintenance that complies with the publisher’s requirements and best practices.



  • Contractual documents:
    • Service Contract
    • QAP (Quality Assurance Plan)
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    • Reversibility plan
  • Catalog of TPAM and administration services
  • Development diagrams
  • Development standards

PROXIMA® maintenance procedure: Takeover process



  • Our identity as a human-scale company, in a major group (NEURONES), where the value added of expertise and proactivity is combined with the value added of industrialization and robustness
  • Our principle of solidarity between Customer and CODiLOG teams focused on providing service to end users
  • Our organization model with high value added functions in local service mode and ABAP factory nearshore
  • A quality approach based on standards (ISO, ITIL)
  • Management’s commitment to make you an important customer