Support and TPAM

Your stakes

  • Provide your users with quality assistance
  • Measure the “RUN” activity and related costs
  • Relieve your teams of recurrent tasks so they can concentrate on projects
  • Provide continuity of service
  • Adapt to changing workloads
  • Ensure your application is viable over the long-term and guarantee its upgradability

Our mission

Application support

  • Provide SAP assistance
  • Answer users’ questions
  • Provide information about transactions and tickets’ stage of completion
  • Manage profiles and users


“Firefighter” services: to resolve on a flat-rate basis special problems that demand high technical expertise (difficult configuration point, emergency service, development optimization, structure change, etc.)

Appoint experts: to assist your skills center in more comprehensive dynamic maintenance for your information system: install a new module, a new functionality, etc.

Outsourcing: preventive, corrective and dynamic TPAM: work on a long-term outsourcing basis on or off the customer site as part of a service contract



An outsourcing expert in SAP solutions (ERP and BI), CODiLOG offers PROXIMA®, a fully modulable solution comprised of the following bricks:

Levels 1 and 2 support

Third-Party Applications Maintenance (TPAM)
  • Corrective, to correct bugs or propose solutions
  • Upgradable, to implement new functionalities
  • Preventive, to make the application more robust and optimize it
Third-Party Operations Maintenance (TPOM)
  • Day-to-day SAP, BI and Java administration
  • Authorizations management
  • Applications management
Third-Party Applications Acceptance Testing (TPAAT)
  • Perform in particular non-regression tests at each version delivery
  • Provide Third-Party Training Maintenance (TPTM)
  • Update documentation and maintain the user training level

More substantial changes in workloads are managed in project mode (upgrade, etc.).